Paintless Dent Repair


What is Paintless Dent Removal?

Paintless Dent Removal, also known as PDR, is the revolutionary process of repairing small dents, door dings, creases, and hail damage on vehicles without the inconvenience and expense of traditional body shop repair methods.

So how do we achieve such incredible results without replacing parts? The repair process consists of gently massaging car dents and hail damage out of a vehicle‘s body from behind the affected panel using a variety of tools and techniques. The result is a pristine, dent-free panel that has been restored back to its factory finish. Without the use of harsh chemicals and fillers, paintless dent removal is kind to the enviornment and your wallet, while maintaining the original value of your vehicle.

We offer mobile repair services in San Diego county and On-site repair Services at our Chula Vista location.

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Why choose PDR over a body shop repair?

How much does paintless dent repair cost?

By now, you’re probably wondering “how much does paintless dent repair cost?” As you can imagine, the answer to that is complex and unique to each individual repair. Specific details that factor into the cost of the repair include:

On average, the cost to fix a dent using paintless dent repair ranges from $100-$200 at San Diego Dentworks and Bumperworks. In order to get an exact estimate, we will have to see the car in person to evaluate the above factors. If you are interested in receiving an approximate quote, you can click here to fill out our online form. Depending on the cause and extent of damage, you may wish to pay privately or claim through insurance for your dent repair. Either option you choose is made easy, as we take care of you and your vehicle from start to finish, guaranteeing satisfaction with every result.

Whether you have a car dent from minor collision, door dings, scuffs or scratches, or plastic bumper damage. So, paintless dent removal is your fast and affordable repair option. The PDR process can be employed to fix any of the above damages and saves you both time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

The paintless dent repair process consists of gently massaging car dents and hail damage out of a vehicle‘s body from behind the affected panel. There are variety of tools and techniques involved here. Two of the most common techniques used are referred to as tooling and knock downs. Tooling involved manipulating a metal rod of various lengths, thicknesses and curvatures to appropriately reach the dent and massage it from behind. Knock downs are used when a dent protrudes towards the outside of the vehicle’s surface. To re-create body lines and involves utilizing a plastic tool and hammer to carefully mold the metal back to it’s original position. The result is a pristine, dent-free panel that has been restored back to its factory finish.

Typically, the type of dents that are most successfully repaired using paintless dent removal techniques are small to medium sized dents that aren’t deeply creased or scratched. If the metal has been too severely twisted or the paint has been too compromised. It is likely that paintless dent repair will not be able to completely restore the surface to it’s pre-damage condition. At San Diego Dentworks and Bumperworks, we are always upfront about what we believe can and cannot be fixed 100%. For those customers who would rather settle for a near perfect repair versus an expensive body shop repair. We still do everything that we can to achieve the very best results to leave our customers more than satisfied.

The best way for you to know for sure if your vehicle can be fixed with PDR is by bringing it to one of our 6 locations for an in person estimate. If you are looking for an approximate quote or running short on time. You can fill out our online quote form here. Generally, dents smaller than a dinner plate that haven’t been badly creased or scratched. They can be repaired with paintless dent removal techniques. If any of the above factors have been compromised, it is likely your vehicle will require traditional repairs to achieve 100% perfection. 

Repair times for paintless dent repair are often much shorter than conventional body shop repairs. It means renting a car is often not necessary. For small or single dents, San Diego Dentworks and Bumperworks can often  complete the repair within a few hours and sometimes, while you wait. For more complex repairs, we may need your car for the entire day. However we do whatever we can to ensure we get you back to your vehicle and back to your life as soon as possible.

The cost of paintless dent repair is largely dependent on the size, nature, number and complexity of the dents. Other aspects of the damage that factor into the price include the location of the dents and the type of vehicle as this will determine how easily access can be gained to the affected areas. On average the cost to fix a dent ranges from $100-$200 at San Diego Dentworks and Bumperworks. If you are interested in an approximate online quote. You can click here to fill out our online form or call us to set up an appointment for an in person quote.

Due to the fact that paintless dent repair involves massaging dents from behind the affected areas. There are instances where we may need to remove some parts such as headlights, taillights, or interior headliner in order to gain proper access for the repair.

Nope! Other than the odd cleaning product, there are no harsh chemicals or body fillers that are applied to your vehicle. PDR is the environmentally friendly repair option. It keeps your vehicle’s original paint and parts intact.

There is no reason a repaired dent should return unless something has hit the panel to cause additional damage. We provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all our paintless dent repairs.

Absolutely, we have a lifetime 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.